What Is Schluter Systems And Why I Use It


I do A lot of remodeling In NorthWest Indiana , From Trim Work To Custom Tile showers , siding , roofs , about every thing!

      Which is nice because i get a change all the time 


 I Really Like The Custom Showers Because The Skys The Limit ,


 It Just Depends on how much the customer wants to put in to it!!!


For my Custom Showers I use Schluter Systems!

This is why!!!



This Video below is how i do it!






Schluter Systems is One Of The Best Water Proof

Systems Available Today!  


I use The Pan Kit Which come in different sizes  with The Kerdi Drain, and Cut

The Pan and curb

        to what ever size i need, i rip the curb down and use half inch kerdi board on The Front   side of the curb! 


I All So Use 2 Inch Kurdi Board To Build My Benches

& Half Inch Kurdi Board for my Niche 







I all 

So Cut Out Any Dry Wall In The Shower And Replace it with Half Inch Kerdi Board! You dont have to do that thow you could use concrete board and go over it  with the membrane to water proof it!




But i Use The kerdi board cause its clean , (no Dust) , Its Light weight , And all ready has the membrane on it!!


You just have to Patch your Screw Holes and corners with the pre made inside and outside membrane corners , 

And wrap Every Thing Else In The Membrane Including The Pre slopped Pan!



You can Pick from a center  Or Off Center Drain, Kinda Makes It Nice For what ever Your dealing with Drain wise!


They Sell Multiple drains covers in multiple colors to match any fixtures you may have 

Once Your All Sealed Up Your Ready For Tile!


I just made this sound easy but the truth is theres a hole lot of time and work in between all that, and the time it takes just to do what i described is pretty time consuming to! 

But this way you know its right!!!

No more mold or leaks  ,  a Quality Product , and the turn out Is Awesome!!!



                            Tile Shower Floor                              


One thought on “What Is Schluter Systems And Why I Use It

  1. Troy S says:

    The Showers Seen In The Pics above Is Our Own!

    The home improvement image at the top is thanks to http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/


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