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bluechkwbox. North West Indiana Deck Builders .

We do custom built decks made from quality products of your liking.

We can build your deck out of what ever materials you choose.

Specializing in Treated wood Framing , Composite Decking , With Vinyl or Composite Hand Rails.

bluechkwbox.  North West Indiana Deck Remodeling & Restoring.

NorthWest Indiana Deck Builders also does deck remodeling & restoring of your existing deck or porch.

We can replace rotted wood with new treated wood 

or we can replace your wood deck boards with composite decking so it never rots again.

We can also can do the same with your railing,

replacing  the bad wood with new treated wood or  a vinyl or composite hand rail.

making your old deck look new.

bluechkwbox. North West Indiana Deck Staining & Restaining.

North West Indiana Deck Builders will also  Stain your deck, Or Power Wash & Restain your existing deck.


This Is A Remodeled Deck That We Restored, We replaced the rotted handrail with vinyl handrails, We wrapped the rim board with a composite 1 x 10 , We replaced the lattice with vinyl lattice , And we used Deck Restore Stain to restain the deck boards.


A Composite & Vinyl Built Deck

Custom Composite Deck

This Deck Was A Custom Built Deck ,  With Composite Decking , and vinyl Rails and post sleeves , Built with a wheel chair ramp!!!


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